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Tiny Waves Basket


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"The most beautiful storage solutions you’ll ever come across - these Pakurigo Wave baskets are named after the two men who created this signature technique. Created in an interwoven effort by the enormous talents that are Palash Singh and their very own Master Weaver Mr. John Akurigo, during a field trip to Ahmedabad, India in 2013.
Taught to many of the artisans at Babatree, this very special technique provides a Fair Trade income to many... now that’s what we call a ripple effect!"

Woven Rafia Veta Vera Grass

12 x 7.5 cm

Spot clean

Air dry out of the sun

Meet the brand


Baba Tree is founded on a rich respect and love for the weaving culture of the Gurunsi People of the Upper East Region Of Ghana. Established in 1999 by Gregory MacCarthy, the brand works with a community of 250 highly skilled artisans who descend from a legacy of craftsmens in the region. Using time honored techniques, Master Weavers shape elephant grass into exquisite, color rich, baskets, decor and homegoods. With a firm belief in baskets as functional arts Baba Tree regularly collaborates with select galleries, designers and hoteliers on bespoke pieces.