Mbabane Pattern Bowl, Black


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Paper pulp bowl on stand. Made from 100% waste newsaper and varnished for durability.

100% recycled paper

19 x 18cm

Spot clean

Air dry

Meet the brand


Quazi Designs creates a breathtaking array of wall art, homegoods, masks and more - all crafted mostly from recycled paper. Using their revolutionary in-house technique, Quazi compounds newspapers and magazines to a malleable material which is then sculpted into a variety of bespoke products. Their method of paper mache was pioneered in Eswatini in Southern Africa, where the founder and designer was inspired to approach local magazine distributors about innovative ways to reduce paper waste. Established in 2010, today Quazi Designs are hand produced in their workshop by dozens of women artisans, proving that reducing waste not only protects the environment, but sustains lives.