Founded in 2015 by businesswoman and style icon Reni Folawiyo, ALÁRA is a Lagos-based concept shop that blends fashion, design, cuisine, and culture. And here, at the Brooklyn Museum, ALÁRA is making its global debut!

ALÁRA at the Brooklyn Museum gives visitors the opportunity to shop, experience and explore nearly 100 brands from over 15 countries across Africa, as well as from a selection of US-based designers within the African diaspora. Connecting gratitude to craftsmanship is at the heart of Mrs. Folawiyo’s special curation of these African brands and designers. From Lagos to Brooklyn, you can skip the jetlag and travel the Continent through this dynamic assemblage!

Try on a dress that celebrates the history of Nigeria. Taste the richness of Ghana. Scout furniture from South Africa. Decorate with objets d’arts from Morocco… all while exploring the work of a selection designers featured in the Africa Fashion exhibition.